bhanda comes from the sanskrit expression "uddiyana bhanda" essentially meaning to have a "core lock". Camp refers to the bootcamp style atmosphere and high-intensity workout on a yoga mat. bhanda camp was born out of a love for fitness through intense yoga. Coming from Northern Virginia to the Fredericksburg area, it was discovered that there was no fitness class that incorporated the yoga values and postures with the fitness and intensity level of running and lifting weights. bhanda camp was born to fill this void! Merging the traditional core sculpting moves with weights engages every muscle in your body all while keeping your heart rate up. 

At this moment bhanda camp just offers private or small group classes. We are excited to begin growing a following in Fredericksburg, VA and to hopefully open a brick and mortar studio within the next year. When weather is nice, there will be larger outdoor classes available that we will encourage all to attend. 


Monica's love of physical activity began in kindergarten playing on a coed soccer team. She excelled throughout grade school. Her outstanding performance in high school earned her the WCAC award and her club team was #1 in the WAGS Division 1 league.  She continued to play competitive soccer in college and began expanding her training with TRX. She is a graduate of James Madison University in Exercise Science and Sports Management!  In the summer of 2013, Monica's internship with Lululemon lead her to discover CorePower by taking a C2 class in Falls Church.  Still wanting more, Monica tried CorePower yoga sculpt heated power yoga with weights and fell in love with the energy, music, and complete workout that this activity offered.  She was so motivated that she completed the YSTT in May 2015!  Monica's emphasis in her class is a fun, hard, nonstop, complete workout!  She has already inspired many friends and family to pursue yoga!  She knows the importance of exercise to one's health and encourages each individual to push oneself to their limits and beyond. Monica compliments her sculpt practice with [solidcore] and other physical training.  She is a nutrition enthusiast and enjoys fashion.



     Monica Paolicelli, Founder
     Joseph Bruzgul, Founder

     Monica Paolicelli, Instructor
     Joseph Bruzgul, Idea Man!