Group Classes

Tuesdays 7 PM

Ask about other available class times!

Your first class is on US!
$15 per class / $10 Student, Senior

 Featuring small group size with one-on-one attention if needed. These classes are high energy and will incorporate everything that is taught in our Intermediate Camper Private lessons!

  • First time taking a lesson with us? Not a problem! Request to come early to get a little pre-class knowledge or feel free to send us an email. Let our instructors show you the moves that you will need to know before class to help maximize your workout!
  • Do you have friends that are interested in trying bhanda camp? Perfect! Bring a friend and get $5 off your class! 

10 pack now $110
5 Pack
now $60. Ask how to receive our special 5 Pack rate!


First-Time Private Camper

Did you just find bhanda camp? Or maybe a friend recommended you! Well welcome! New students can register for any private class they want for a special introductory rate, it works like this:

  • Register for any class, remember these are private lessons and we will adapt to your ability level.
  • After your first lesson, register for 2 more classes within a week of each other. (3 classes 3 weeks)
  • Your second and third class is $31 for the First- Time Camper, and $39 for the Intermediate Camper and Challenge Camper Classes.

Beginner Camper


New to yoga? Need help perfecting your form? This introductory level class will set you up for success to reach all your fitness goals. We focus on classic postures and correct alignment in the body. A slow to moderate pace class with energizing music, breath work, basic weight exercises, all topped off with a cardio burst. 

First Class $65/hr (Private in-home lesson)

First- Time Camper

Intermediate Camper


Faster pace, aerobic. Promotes deep and even breathing. Moderate to challenging weight exercises. Core work and double cardio bursts included.

$100/hr (Private in-home lesson)

Intermediate Camp

Challenge Camper


Bootcamp on a yoga mat, push yourself to your extremes. This non-stop, 1 hour class focuses on HIIT (high intensity interval training) while incorporating squat sets, shoulder & tricep work, push-ups, cardio, plank holds, and finishing off with 10 minutes of core. We recommend taking one intermediate camp before registering. 

$125/hr (Private in-home lesson)


We encourage our students to invite friends and family members to their private sessions, and it's not just because working out is more fun with a friend! Having a workout partner helps you stay accountable to your fitness goals.  And if having a more fun and having help achieving your fitness goals wasn't enough, the money that is saved by bringing a friend should help encourage anyone to bring a friend. Each additional friend/ family member/work acquaintance you invite to your session is only an extra $10! That means you could split the cost of one of our camps and only pay $30-$37.5 each class! Bring two friends and it is only $23.34-$28.34! We allow up to 5 students total per private session (space permitting).



Are you super excited to begin your journey to a fitness goal but you are unsure about the cost of the private classes? Fear Not! Bhanda camp offers an option for every budget, join our mailing list below. When a discounted class is offered, you will be the first to know! Private classes may be as low as $15! Note: these special discounted classes are on a first come first serve basis and special offer rules may be listed with each class so make sure to read about each discounted opportunity!