Is Fat the New Nutrition Darling?

Is dietary fat a friend or foe? Currently, dietary fat is experiencing a comeback in popularity. From weight loss to improved mental clarity, many health professionals are touting the purported benefits of a high-fat diet. Which raises the question: Should you buy into the hype and hop on the high-fat bandwagon or is moderation the way to go?

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How 4 Months Of Yoga Boosted My Confidence And Helped Me Lose 35 Pounds

I’m one of those people who signs up for a gym, goes for a week and never returns.

I hoped spending all my money on those monthly payments would motivate me to actually go, but I never did.

And after shelling out hundreds of dollars on personal trainers and pilates coaches and still staying above my ideal weight, I decided try something else.

So, I turned to yoga. In the first four months of taking a 1.5-hour vinyasa class every morning, I lost 35 pounds.

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