How to get Springtime-Ready Shoulders

Incorporating free weights into a workout routine has many benefits, not only does it increase the intensity level of the workout, it also works secondary muscles. Using proper form and strategic exercise moves can create a full-body workout in a condensed time period. Proper form is the key to any exercise, always ask for help with any move you are unfamiliar with! 

To build those springtime-ready shoulders, we are incorporating a favorite yoga move!  Warrior II with a lateral dumbbell raise. Each move incorporates different muscles while providing a good stretching position to open hips. 

Warrior II helps strengthen the deltoids, quadriceps, gluteus medius, and lateral rotator of the hip, all while stretching the adductors of your thigh.

Adding lateral raises to this advanced yoga move helps improve the lateral deltoids as the primary, it also engages the anterior deltoid, the supraspinatus and the trapezius muscle to assist the lateral deltoids during the raise. The key to making this exercise as effective as possible is to keep the elbow above the wrist until your arms are horizontal; do not use momentum and raise weights only to shoulder height. Using momentum engages the spine and negates the shoulder muscles. Practice this move to sculpt your body for bathing suit season at our bhanda camp class!